Perfect food for Longer Lashes

food for longer lashesThe beauty of a human body has always been a matter of taste. Time changes and so do fashion trends. But in any time and place longer and thicker eyelashes will always attract people’s attention. The fact is not a lot of women can brag about having gorgeous natural eyelashes. There are certain genetic factors that determine the eyelashes look and it does not depend on us in any way, but there are still lots of ways we can make our eyelashes look much better. Most of people simply don’t think of how healthy diet can improve the they feel and look; it is indeed much easier to blame genetic predispositions or other factors for overweight or obese, for weak and fragile hair or other thing we don’t find attractive. There are thousands of articles in the internet describing diet tips, but what about some diet tips for having beautiful eyelashes? You’re one step away from discovering the secrets to longer and thicker eyelashes.

Protein is the power

It’s been said million times of how important it is to have protein rich diet, and still much of us don’t get this idea. Proteins for the body are like bricks for the wall, they are basic building material. Muscles require protein to grow, blood requires protein to become better, in fact all our internal organs require protein for normal operation. Our nails, hair and eyelashes are not the exceptions as you might guess.

Helpful Biotin

Biotin is in the list of the most important enzymes responsible for the regulation of protein and fat supply and overall metabolism. The lack of biotin can lead to a major hair loss, and as a result, to problems with eyelashes. To maintain sufficient level of biotin you need to eat products like cucumbers, carrots and onions, nuts and eggs.


There are four vital vitamins which your eyelashes need most to maintain power and beauty.

  • vitamin E (found in vegetable oils, chicken eggs, beef liver),
  • Vitamin B9 (found in green salad and cabbage, bananas, beef),
  • Vitamin C (found in lemon and oranges)
  • and Vitamin A (found in carrot, cheese, caviar and butter).

Having balanced diet containing these products in a good proportion will guarantee on only perfect health and look of your lashes but supreme overall condition of the whole body at all. That is why it is so important to remember about nutritious diet. Modern changing way of life does not let us enjoy all the charm of natural bio food and that is another reason for us to pay attention to what we eat. If you want your eyelashes look for a million as well as your whole body to be careful with your food.