Perfect food for Longer Lashes

food for longer lashesThe beauty of a human body has always been a matter of taste. Time changes and so do fashion trends. But in any time and place longer and thicker eyelashes will always attract people’s attention. The fact is not a lot of women can brag about having gorgeous natural eyelashes. There are certain genetic factors that determine the eyelashes look and it does not depend on us in any way, but there are still lots of ways we can make our eyelashes look much better. Most of people simply don’t think of how healthy diet can improve the they feel and look; it is indeed much easier to blame genetic predispositions or other factors for overweight or obese, for weak and fragile hair or other thing we don’t find attractive. There are thousands of articles in the internet describing diet tips, but what about some diet tips for having beautiful eyelashes? You’re one step away from discovering the secrets to longer and thicker eyelashes.

Protein is the power

It’s been said million times of how important it is to have protein rich diet, and still much of us don’t get this idea. Proteins for the body are like bricks for the wall, they are basic building material. Muscles require protein to grow, blood requires protein to become better, in fact all our internal organs require protein for normal operation. Our nails, hair and eyelashes are not the exceptions as you might guess.

Helpful Biotin

Biotin is in the list of the most important enzymes responsible for the regulation of protein and fat supply and overall metabolism. The lack of biotin can lead to a major hair loss, and as a result, to problems with eyelashes. To maintain sufficient level of biotin you need to eat products like cucumbers, carrots and onions, nuts and eggs.


There are four vital vitamins which your eyelashes need most to maintain power and beauty.

  • vitamin E (found in vegetable oils, chicken eggs, beef liver),
  • Vitamin B9 (found in green salad and cabbage, bananas, beef),
  • Vitamin C (found in lemon and oranges)
  • and Vitamin A (found in carrot, cheese, caviar and butter).

Having balanced diet containing these products in a good proportion will guarantee on only perfect health and look of your lashes but supreme overall condition of the whole body at all. That is why it is so important to remember about nutritious diet. Modern changing way of life does not let us enjoy all the charm of natural bio food and that is another reason for us to pay attention to what we eat. If you want your eyelashes look for a million as well as your whole body to be careful with your food.

Natural Eyelashes Growth – several tips how to obtain it

natural eyelashes growthThis site have been done for women and it’s not a secret that each of us want astonishing eyelashes, that can make eyes look bigger. Each of us wants to strike down men from the first glance, to jaundice other women. It’s extremely hard, when you have short and thin eyelashes. Several years ago I wanted to have thick eyelashes and black as nightly sky. The battle with eyelashes lacking provoke stable headache, because there were no efficacious method of eyelash growth. 2-3 years on medical conference I’ve found eyelash growth serum reviews and this day opened a new page in my practice.

What you should know before purchasing?

There are nearly a hundred of products on the market which promise to make eyelashes stronger and longer. Every company claims that their serums or conditioners can stimulate natural eyelash growth in short time. Before buying you have to read reviews on popular products so that you do not buy bad or even ugly serum. When all factors are considered, it is important to find trustful interesting resources with full information about serums and true reviews. Not much sites promote timely investigation of top products.
Powerful ingredients included in eyelash growth serums are the following

  • Seed extracts
  • Glycerin
  • Silica
  • Silver particles in colloid form and
  • Panthenol

This short list of herbs and elements are the must-have mixture in the best product. If you have chosen suitable eyelash serum, just read medical review, find how much natural ingredients it consists of, does it have any long-term and short-term side effects, how long does it takes to get permanent result. For your accommodation I’ve made a simple table with compared top serums available on the market. As you can see, no one top eyelash serum have side effects, causes allergy or simply can be harmful for your health.

Don’t be in a hurry

When you researched all ingredients in the natural eyelashes growth serum composition, second step is to find out how they work. Usually, official sites of companies, which produce eyelash enhancers contain all information:

  • The action of each ingredient on the skin, eyelashes and eyes
  • Full instruction how to use and how long to use the product
  • Several methods of delivery and payment
  • If you didn’t find such information on the official site, than think twice to make an order or do not buying the product.

Some products offer not only the eyelashes enhance, but also make them brighter, darker and thicker. Of course, it is very pleasant to get a complex of results, but don’t be in a hurry and make the right choice. And read my medical advices.

Lash enhancing nowadays

The blog, you are reading now, have been done to provide truth about eyelash enhancer and other solutions, to tell you common tips to grow long eyelashes with home remedies. All articles have useful information for women who dream about eyelash enhancing with different strategies. Let’s become one of our community, ambitious to beauty and healthy natural life. I will give you more my secrets of eyelash enhancing in subsequent articles.

What for do you need eyelash serums?

lash serumsSince ancient times women, who possess beautiful eyes considered to be the most astonishing. Women can express her emotions even with a motion of eyelashes, from anger to tenderness. In modern time long and strong eyelashes is a measure of loveliness, they add elegance and gentleness to the look. Eyelashes is an integral part of the eye, which fulfil protective function. But even good-looking make-up is not completed without long and thick eyelashes. Women try to make their short eyelashes longer with different methods: artificial lashes,  eyelash extension,serums for eyelashes grow. One woman want immediately results, second want permanent result and for each there is her own method of eyelashes growing.

Why do you need to use lashes enhancing products?

Long, strong, thick lashes from birth is a miracle and even 1% women all over the world possess such wonderful eyelashes. You looks young and innocent with soft, dark lashes, the eyes look bigger. Just remember humid eyes of superstars and celebrities, how marvelous they look like. Lash growth serum is a great achievement of medicine, because women can reach dramatically looking black lashes, which can surprise everyone. The product accessible now not only to celebrities in expensive drugstores, but also in online stores, where you can choose suitable product for enhancing lashes.

Great number of products on the market

As modern cosmetic products are safe and medically tested, but to get rid of any doubts, you must consult to a cosmetologist before buy them for you never know what type of skin do you have. Every cosmetologist has own list of best eyelash serum, so I can offer you a number of products available on the market.

  • False lashes
  • Natural mascara with herbs and vitamins
  • Lash conditioners
  • Lash serum

As for me, the serum is the best solution, because serum is medical approved and consists of natural ingredients, which do not possess side effects. The doctor just can help to find most suitable product for you.

What should you look for in serum?

It is a mistake to think, that only celebrities apply serums. You can achieve the highest level of beauty in all ages. To be sure, that you use quality product and have steady eyelash growth, look what you need to mention

  • Wearing of contact lenses and pregnancy are not contraindications
  • May be used with extension eyelashes
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • No short-term and long-term side effects
  • Perfect results in 95% of women, who use product
  • Recommended by ophthalmologists
  • The product exists 2-3 years on the market
  • Customer reviews with favorable marks

A product with the properties mentioned higher may be the right choice and you can buy it without fear.

Professional advice for women

Until you buying pleased product, make your final studies. Many products are new on the market and they have modern ingredients. Try to find more information about them, read reviews of medical experts, you need it for your health. Eyelashes are not only a part of face, but also a natural protection from dust. So, if you want to get rid of small short lashes and keep protective function, eyelash growth serum is the best solution for you. It really works , after 1-2 months you’ll get permanent result, which will wonder everyone. It is hard to dissemble beauty of your eyes.

What is the best product for eyelash growth?

Bad ecology, cheap cosmetics and many other things have a negative impact on the condition of our eyelashes. They become thin, weak and dim. In order to get around this, women have to take care of eaves properly.

Modern cosmetic industry offers a wide variety of lash growth products. Special serums provide nutriment for eaves, invigour them and stimulates their growth. The choice is so broad, that it is quite difficult to choose the best one.

Natural Products for Lash Growth

The simplest solution among eyelash growth products is castor and burdock oils. Even our grandmothers used them successfully. You can buy the oils in the drugstore or beauty store, they are rather affordable. Such oils revive damaged eyelashes, strengthen and improve their growth. Castor and burdock oils can use independently or as a part of nutrient mixtures.

  • Oil sinks into bulbs and saturates them with useful substances.
  • It sticks together small squama of eyelashes, making them smoother.
  • It impacts on drowsy hairs, causing their growth.

Hormone Eyelash Growth Products

Cosmetic products which promise fantastic results (fast growth, extension, triple thickness of eyelashes) are very popular today. It must be confessed that the advertisement does not lie, and such solutions are really effective. Many consumers consider a hormone serum to be the best eyelash growth product. But they also have side effects. The fact is that the base for them is hormone prostaglandin or its substitutes. In some countries manufacture of such products is forbidden. Hormone-based products can cause next complications:

  • Reddening, itching, dry eye syndrome
  • Iris darkening
  • Darkening of skin where the product was applied
  • Growth of hair where the solution contacted with skin
  • Drop of intraocular pressure
  • Appearance of spider veins on eyelids

You can significantly minimize these risks if you follow recommendations of a cosmetologist or instruction to the solution.

Effective Eyelash Growth Products with Natural Components

There is no need to expose your health to danger, even for the good of beauty. That is why the best eyelash growth products are those which give us strong and thick eaves, containing only natural oils and extracts. Pertinent complex of natural ingredients can make eyelashes long and healthy. The active components in these products are:

  • Peptides
  • Amino acids
  • Oils
  • Plant extracts
  • Vitamins
  • Glicosaminoglycans

As to lash extension, natural serums are inferior to hormone-based solutions. Nevertheless, applying them regularly you can achieve perfect results with no side effects. Most of these products are appropriate for sensitive skin and do not cause dermal irritation. They can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. These cosmetic products are absolutely safe.

In contrast to hormone solutions, natural serums do not build up a tolerance, so there are no side effects from long-term usage. The only possible disadvantage is allergy or individual intolerance to one of the components.

How To Find Out The Best Eyelash Growth Serum

Beauty has always been in demand; so are the products which can help women to improve their appearance. Being an important part of facial beauty, eyelashes need care as well. There are numerous manufacturers with great variety of products who claim to be able to help women with eyelash growth. You may believe your eyelashes to be too short, not enough dark or voluminous etc. Nowadays, you can easily find a product for almost any kind of problem. Given a wide range of offers on the market, focus on manufacturers you are inclined to trust. Pay attention to guarantees of the success that the producer provides. Money back is a plus.


Remember that a trustworthy brand always conducts an extensive research prior to develop a formula of its new lash growth serum. Usually, such manufacturers offer a product line, which embraces needs of different categories of potential buyers  from people with common requirements up to those with special needs. Anyway, it is always advisable to consult an optician before you take a final decision. Thorough choosing is vitally important because eyelash serums can not just condition and enhance your lashes, but also improve all your appearance and satisfaction with life. So make sure the product of your choice is up-to-date and trustworthy.


Take into consideration the following advantages of good products: they increase volume of eyelashes, produce curl, moist lashes, and make an overall nutritive effect that results in permanent improvement of eyelashes growing. To achieve it, manufacturers generally use the following ingredients in their products:


  • Moroccan Argan Oil  prevents your eyelashes from smudging and clumping.
  • Vitamins and Amino acid provide an anti-aging effect.
  • Proteins or some oils which serve as moisturizers.


All the above-mentioned ingredients add to the effectiveness of a product. They make eyelashes strong, shiny, and dense. An increase of 72% within 6 weeks has been statistically proved. So this is a good idea to choose products with such type of content rather than something stuffed with chemicals.


An indirect evidence of quality can be obtained from media, though strange it may sound. If a brand is used by some famous people and sometimes pops up in eyelash growth products reviews, you are likely to be on the safe side. To rest assured that the product of your choice is safe and healthy, consider checking up its certification. Here are some the most notable organizations in cosmetics certification:

  • Cruelty Free and Carbon Fund Organization
  • Professional Beauty Association
  • National Women Business Owners Corporation


Certification and media hints can give the important information on how trustworthy the product you are about to buy is.


When you feel ready to make your purchase, it’s time to search where to buy best eyelash serum. Most famous products can be acquired on the Internet. This is probably the most convenient way to do it. However, there are also many medical stores where you can find them as well. Think twice prior to make the final choice. Remember, both a manufacturer and a retailer should be reputable companies. This is because the right choice can make your dream of beautiful eyelashes true, while a forged product stuffed with chemicals may cause serious health problems.