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Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m Helen Korn, an expert beautician with medical education. The problem of thin eyelashes is the most popular which women address to cosmetologist. I’m gald to present you a rating of eyelash growth serums and products prefered by more than 800 of my clients.For all my career i’ve tried many serums: XLash, Latisse, Envyderm, Sephora, Idol Lash, Fysiko. And now i’ve chose only 3 best products for me and my ladies.

Serums are believed to be the best option for eyelash growth, because they are 100% natural, have clinically proven their safety and efficiency, and mostly have no side effects. Consult your doctor for more information.

Women still believe that eyelashes serums are used by celebrities only. However, this stuff is now affordable to everyone, so you have to know what qualities you should expect from a serum of your choice. Here are just some to mention:

  • Contact lens are not an obstacle to use serums.
  • 100% natural product, which is absolutely compatible even with lash extensions.
  • Fast results of eyelashes growth have been clinically proven.
  • There are good opinions of celebrities and specialists.
  • Ophthalmologists recognize it to be a safe remedy.

If no side effects were reported for a product, and it possesses all those qualities, it is really worth your attention.

Do not spare your time to make a good research prior to buy an eyelash growth serum. The proper choice will give prompt and sustainable result.

Compare 3 best eyelash growth serums that work on the market

Brand Idol Lash Envyderm Fysiko
Clients rating 9.9/10 9/10 7.5/10
Price from 39$/per one pack from 69$/per 5 ml from 139$/per bottle
Approved by doctors Yes Yes Yes
Safety Yes Yes Yes
Ingredients Only natural ingredients, approved by ophtalmologists Includes much chemical ingredients, which may cause allergy Only natural ingredients
Country of manufacture USA USA USA
Side effects No till today No till today No till today
Increasing length 25% 25% 16%
Increasing thickness 82% 72% 56%
  • Kelp Extract
  • Honey Extract
  • Nettle Extract and more
  • Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Sodium Hyaluronate etc.
  • Vitamin E
  • Soy Protein
  • Thyme
  • Methylamido Dihydro Noralfoprostal, etc
  • Models and stars prefer to use Idol Lash
  • May be used on eyebrows
  • Bestseller among other products
Popular brand
  • Works On EyeBrows too
  • No Side Effects
  • Usable with eyelash extensions
First results 28 days 42 days 42 days
My medical review Read review on Idol Lash Read review on Envyderm Read review on Fysiko
Official site Visit official site Visit official site Visit official site

eyelash serum result

Long and rich eyelashes visually enlarge eyes and make them especially expressive, strengthen mustique. Lifetime of eyelashes in not great, nearly 200 days, so to grow thick lashes you must care about them every day. Because they expose to stress dayli: curling, mascara lead to thin, short eyelash, which can’t help no one volume mascara. Of course, you may use fake once, but it is not a problem solution. False lashes contribute to complete loss of you own ones, because of the glue which is used for stuck.

2 eyelash growth natural techniques (except artificial lashes and mascara):

      • Among great number of modern methods, there is a natural treatment for eyelash growth. It is a castor oil and oily solution of vitamins A and E. The only side effect of this method is allergy.
      • Eyelash growth serum. It is very health-giving to use serums. They strengthen, protect,intensify growing process and prevent fallout, increase volume, fine curve and stretching. Eyelash growth serums have in their arsenals all cosmetic companies. The principle of action is the same in all products, but they are differ from each other by composition. Main ingredients are regular refresh with innovation materials.

eyelash productsIngredients of best natural eyelash growth serum

As a rule they contain aminoacids, herbal extracts for recovery of structure and elasticity of eyelashes, natural oils, biopeptides, polumers for increasing smoothness and brilliance, vitamin complex, anti-aging antioxidants, extract of sea alga for cell regeneration, GIALURON acid which interfere destruction. All ingredients must be tested by ophthalmologists. Use natural treatments, they are safe and proved.

How to use eyelash growth products?

Regular use of serums noticeably hasten the stage of hair growth. As a result occure fortification of eyelashes and their structure becomes much thicker. To reach considerable efficacy, you must use growth serums every day in the morning before make up and in the evening before bed. Apply serum on the roots of lashes and distribute for all length. Visible effact appears after 21-30 days of treatment.

How to choose best eyelash serum?

Among chemical “advanced technologies” and natural products it seems right to choose natural eyelash enhancers, they have no contraindications and side effects. To make the right choise will help you reviews and testimonials. Read them, see if you like it or not, look ingredients , effectiveness, rating of eyelash serums.
Why only top 3 eyelash serums? Because the product gets the name “best” after several investigations and much quantity of positive effects. Wide range of prices allows you to choose your product.
Serums that we offer appeares several years ago and conquered hearts of my clients. They really help to achieve strong permanent result in any age with any, shortest eyelashes.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that probably every woman wants to have beautiful and seducing eyelashes, regardless of age, social or financial status. This facial element can really make a woman look younger and more attractive. And it can stress your beautiful eyes by the way. No wonder that the chase of eyelash growing has become a fashion trend these days. Eyelash growth serums have changed this industry dramatically. This product has been designed not to fade out defects of your beauty, but rather to highlight your strong and advantageous features.

Best Eyelashes Growth Serum Should Be Natural

Natural products are always preferable when it comes to health. This is the case with eyelash enhancers as well. Given a wide range of products available on the market today, try to choose natural ones. Nothing compares to natural products in terms of healthy effects produced on a human body. Often, you can hear that chemicals are claimed to produce faster and better results. However, you can never know what the accompanying dangers are. Sometimes, you can acquire extra health problems instead of beautiful eyelashes you are looking for. Though acting a bit slower, natural eyelash growth serums are absolutely safe and usually cause no irritation of your skin and eyes. They work in a natural way to achieve a desirable and persistent result.

The most reliable and impartial way of choosing among a number of best eyelash growth products is to find out online reviews in their regard. Doing this will help you understand if the product meets your specific demands, how efficient it is, if the results achieved are sustainable. You can easily find some reports containing images and description of eyelash state before and after the remedy was applied. Pay attention to ingredients which make part of the stuff you are interested in. This informationВ will help you to avoid relevant allergic reactions, if you have any. However, not all reviews give comprehensive and impartial information, so make sure to read opinions of different people on different online resources.

Eyelash enhancement serums improve your eyelashes. Along with that, they help to improve the general health of lash hairs and their follicles. As a result, you obtain both stronger and longer eyelashes, if you apply the remedy properly.


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